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Parsa Wildlife Reserve:

This wildlife reserve includes 999km area of Chitwan, Makawanpur, and Bara districts, its attraction is the ranges of mountains from 750 to 950 m high which is stretched from east to west. The plants generally found over her are Sal trees. In addition to it, 300 kinds of birds, different kinds of snakes and reptiles have made it their home.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve:

It has covered 175 km area on the bank of Koshi River in Terai being an inhabitant of more than 280 kinds of local and immigrated birds along with the plants and animals like yak, buck, deer, tiger, blue bull etc. in water live different swans, cranes, crocodiles and dolphin.

Sukla Phata Wildlife Reservation:

Located and covered 155km are in Kanchanpur district, this reserve contains the rare animals like short hot, rabbit etc. beside it, about 25 kinds of animals and more than three hundred species of fowls live in this area. Rani lake is an attraction of it.

Dhorpatan Hunting Reservation Area:

This reservation area is specially well known for hunting. It is stretched in about 1325 km area of Rukum, Baglung , and Myagdi districts. Only the selective animals allowed by the government are permitted to hunt in this area. Like in other reservation areas, the quarry like animals, fowls in seven sectors are allowed for hunting.

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