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You will need a valid Nepalese visa, which is issued at all border crossings of the country or upon arrival at the airport; therefore, it is not necessary to register for it in advance in your country.

Requirements for applying for Nepal Tourist Visa

After you reach the airport, you can apply for a Nepal tourist Visa for which you require the following documents:

  • Visa application form
  • Original passport credible for 6 months or more with minimum 2 blank visa pages
  • Xerox copies of your personal information page of your passport
  • 2 or more passport-sized photographs with a white background with the size of 1.5 inch X 1.5 inch
  • Hotel reservation or any accommodation proof in Nepal
  • Return flight ticket
  • Bank statements to prove sufficient financial means
  • Payment of Nepal Visa

Method for applying for Nepal Tourist Visa

You may think if you can apply for Nepal Visa online. The answer is No! You can fill up the application form online through the Immigration Department of Nepal website, print the Visa application form, sign it and submit it with the documents mentioned above at the airport. Or, you can obtain the form at the airport or land border crossing, fill the form and submit it with the necessary documents.

Sunauli border crossing visa

There is also the option of entering Nepal through a land border with its neighboring country of India, Sunauli. At this border crossing, as in the rest of this type of checkpoint, they will first stamp your exit from India, and a little later, you will have to access the border post with Nepal. Take dollars with you which have an issue date after 2003; they are the only ones accepted.

Visa Information and Cost

Nepal Visa Duration Cost in USD
15 days 30
30 days 50
90 days 125

There is also a 150-day tourist visa (5 months), but to get it, you will need to go to the immigration office in Kathmandu, where you can extend your regular tourist visa.

Note that all visa payments are made exclusively in cash in US dollars, so to avoid unnecessary delay or misunderstanding, it is worth preparing the exact amount in advance.

Extension of Nepal Tourist Visa

If you wish to extend your days of traveling to Nepal, you must extend your tourist Visa validity by applying at the Department of Immigration in Kathmandu. You can also apply in the Immigration office located in Pokhara for your tourist Visa extension.

Ensure that you apply for the extension of your tourist Visa before it expires; otherwise, your extra days of stay after Visa expiry is considered illegal, for which you may be fined or detained, or even arrested.

Your Visa will be lengthened by 15 days with a fee of $45. After 15 days, you have to pay an additional $3 for each day of your stay.

  1. Medical Insurance

As in any other journey, especially in tourism and mountaineering, take care of medical insurance. Most insurance policies that travelers deal with provide only a standard insurance policy, which in fact, only extends to altitudes of 3000 meters above sea level.

Since in Nepal, 3000 meters is the usual height of rural valleys, and trekking routes are much higher, you need to purchase health insurance, which covers at least 5000 meters.

Specify this condition when purchasing an insurance policy because not all insurance companies that can even sell you an insurance policy for staying in Nepal can ensure its operation in the high mountains.

Before the trip, once again, compare the trekking route you have chosen (its maximum height) with the conditions covered by your insurance.

  1. Trekking and Tour Permit

Today, Nepal offers excellent opportunities for outdoor activities. The most popular are trekking tours in Nepal, or they are also called tours in the Himalayas – hiking ascents of varying degrees of difficulty and duration. Such a tour can be designed for several days or months. It is worth noting that climbing without the accompaniment of experienced guides is not recommended.

Those who are looking for vivid emotions and impressions are offered jungle safaris, rock climbing, rafting on fast mountain rivers, mountain biking, and much more. It is here that the second highest Bungee jump bridge in the world (160 meters) is located.

In total, there are nine regions for trekking routes in Nepal, which we will briefly describe:

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