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Shopping in Nepal

Nepal is equally rich in wooden craft, sculpture, paintings, art, culture, music and many others. The original, peculiar and typical skill and craftsmanship therefore have a great role to forge this identity of Nepal. Particular places of Nepal are famous for their special products. Palpa is famous for Dhaka ( a kind of cloth) , Bhojpur for khukuri( a kind of large knife) , mustang for apple, Ilam for tea etc. skillfully carved wooden statues, metal statues , musical instruments, woven clothes , woolen products, gifts and other materials express the traditional Nepali art and craftsmanship.


Nepali Musical Instruments: Conch, cymbal, drum. Drumet, fiddle, fife, flute, harp, jaw’s harp, pipe, sarod, tabor, tambourine, violin ( typical Nepali)etc. are the Nepali musical instruments of different communities with their special role and importance according to different communities and castes. Their specialty is that almost the entire materials are handmade and are made by the skillful artists. They also have their importance in different phases of an individual’s life like birth, marriage death etc. Nepali violin (sarangi) among the touches everyone’s heart easily since it produces a melodious music and the lyric in it makes it capable of luring the tourists too. A log is artistically carved and made a sarangi (fiddle) out of it which is easily available in every tourist areas.

Ceramic: it is a profession of a traditional skill that includes the production of various kinds of vessels of clay. Such vessels are used for diffident purposes and mainly are used for domestic as well as to decorate in festivals and special occasions. They include vessels, lamp stand, etc. since it has Nepali originality and typicality; it keeps a great role and importance in Nepali society.

Handicraft: because of an easy availability of resources, raw materials, various skills etc., the handmade materials are produced in a large number in Nepal. They expose the Nepali peculiar and original skill. The materials of wool, pashmina (wool), bamboo, paper etc. made by hand are easily available in a reasonable price in Nepali markets.

Carpet: Nepali carpet made up of quality wool is ranked as the best carpet in the world. It is decorated with beautiful embroidery. Thus, it has become a choice of people in the world market.

Stone craft: History of Nepal witnesses an ancient tradition of carving and inscription of Nepali art and language in the stones. Adroit artists of Nepal are engaged in this profession and their products can be easily found in the market.

Wood n Craft: wooden craft is an ancient and popular traditional work of art. Ancient temples, their walls, windows, doors and tundals are decorated with such wooden crafts crafted by hand. Beside it, pieces of woods crafted in the images of god and goddesses, doors/ windows etc. Too are easily available in the market.

Pashmina: Pashmina is high quality wool of the sheep from Himalayan region of Nepal. It is used to produce the clothes like sweater, jacket, scarf etc. such products are good in looking, comfortable and warm in wearing too. This is why one doesn’t feel hesitation to buy such clothes even though they are expensive.

Herbal Products: Herbs which are proved to be suitable medicinal plants form an anthropological point of view are found in a large and various scales in Nepal due to its diverse geographical and climatic situation.

Spices: Nepali foods are spicy in their nature and different kinds of spices are used in different foods in a necessary amount. Special spices are mixed in special foods. Such spices for various kinds of foods are easily available in the market.

Paper production: paper produced out of the barks of a special kind of plant found in Nepal is called Nepali paper which is mostly important in the official works and is also used to prepare visiting cards. This paper is a sole product f hand and is stronger and long lasting than other papers.

Leather product: leather is used or different proposes including to produce jackets, shoes, bags, belts, money bags, etc. in Nepal and they are easily available in the market.

Metal craft: traditional skill and craftsmanship and their products have a great and important place in Nepali society. The great statue of metal in temples is the examples of it. There can be found variety in such metal crafting and these various metal crafts has their special and important role in different festivals; Karuwa and Khukuri are the examples.

Mithila Paintings: paintings painted during the marriage ceremony of Ram and sita in a request of king Janak are called Mithila paintings. These paintings are available in paper, clothes, dresses etc.

Rudrakshya: The word rudrakshya is derived from Sanskrit and its use has been believed to provide a feeling of inner peace, satisfaction and happiness in people. However, the person should have a control in his feeding. Rudrakshas are found in different qualities and shapes like one, two, three mouths etc.

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