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Rafting in Nepal

Nepal has rightfully earned a reputation as one of the best whitewater rafting destinations in the world. Mountain rivers originating in the Himalayas attract outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world to Nepal.

Depending on the current’s strength, Rivers are rated on a scale from 1 to 6, where the first level is practically stagnant water, and the sixth is a direct path to the Heavenly Creator. The fourth level is exciting rafting; it is suitable even for risky beginners without risk to life. The fifth level is intended for people who already have experience in descending mountain rivers.

In Nepal, you can find rafting of any level of difficulty. The duration of the alloy can be from several hours to several weeks. All necessary equipment, including mandatory life jackets and hard hats, is provided on-site.

There are no problems for those for whom rafting in Nepal will be the first: everyone is instructed, an experienced instructor floats on each raft along with tourists, and kayaks accompany a raft or a group of rafts.

In the programs of the 1st and 2nd categories, designed for those who have never even held an oar in their hands, there is nothing complicated for women and even teenagers. Here, the Trishuli River holds the championship of popularity (despite the fact that in the full-flowing season, the Trishuli becomes a more challenging river). For rafting professionals, there is also something to tickle your nerves – for example, on Marshyangdi.

The best season for rafting in the rivers of Nepal is considered from October to November as the monsoon is already passing, there is a riot of greenery around, the rivers are full but stormy, and the air is warm. In winter, from late December to early February, it is quite cold in Nepal, but there is no precipitation, and the level of rivers is low. Rafting is possible, but you need to be prepared for the fact that the water in the rivers will be cold, and take warm clothes and waterproof suits with you.

Late February to early April is also a good time for rafting; the water level is low, and the water in the rivers is warm and clean. The only drawback is frequent fogs, due to which you will not always be able to enjoy the view of the mountains, it also sometimes rains at this time.

Multi-day rafting passes through very picturesque, often reserved places. What must be considered is that depending on the season and weather, the water level, and therefore the complexity of the rivers in Nepal, can vary greatly. In addition, the same river behaves differently in different areas.

Information on Rafting in Nepal

River Best Season Grade Difficulty Price in USD
Trishuli Round the year 3rd Beginner 35
Kali Gandaki September to November

April to June 4th to 5th Suits to all skills 120 to 250
Bhote Koshi Round the year 3rd to 5th Suits to all skills 35
Marshyangdi September to November

May to June 4th to 5th Intermediate 60 to 70
Karnali October to November

April to June 4th to 5th Advanced 800 to 1200
Sun Koshi September to November

May to June 3rd to 4th Intermediate to Advanced 1090
Tamur October to November

April to May 4th Advanced 1350
Lower Seti September to November

May to June 2nd to 3rd beginner 130

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