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Wild lives are one among the important natural heritages of Nepal. Diverse climate of Nepal fosters the variety in animals, plants and forests. Yak, rhino, dusk, ibex, antelope, coyote, buck, blue bull, antler, hog deer, rein deer, beer, squirrel, elephant, different kinds of monkeys, fox, hyena, rabbit like small animals, boa, crocodile, snake like reptiles and different kinds of fowls, creatures and butterflies are found in these different forests of Nepal.

Chitwan National park:

The first national park of Nepal, Chitwan National park has an area of 932 sq, km and it lies in the inner part of Chitwan district. Single horned rhino, rare Bengal tiger, spotted tigers, hog deer, deer, red monkey, bear, leopard, crocodile and reptiles are mostly found in this park. Fished of different species, fowls of more than 400 kinds and more than 30 kinds of animals are also in existence in this park.

Sagarmatha National Park:

With an area of 1148 sq. km., Sagarmatha National park lies in Sagarmatha district lapping beautiful rhododendron and different kinds of plants along with gorges, lakes and snow peaks due to its height of 3000m and above. Different kinds of birds and animals like ibex, rabbit, squirrel, black beer, wolf, polar beer etc. are found in this national park.

Langtang National Park:

Covering 1017 sq. km area of Rasuwa, Nuwakot and Sindhupalchwok districts, Langtang National Parks provides shelter to more than 100 species of birds, more than 1000 kinds of plants including ther anilas like deer, red panda, dusk, polar bear, ibex etc. tall snow capped peaks, religious and sacred places like Gosainkunda fall in this national park.

Rara National Park:

Stretched at 106 sq km in Mugu district, Rara National park has Rara or Mahendra Lake at its heart as its attraction. Rara Lake is 5 km long, 3 km wide and 167 m deep. In the evergreen forests of this park live the animals like polar bear, ibex, dusk, deer, boar, etc and fowls of different species too are fond here.

Vardiya National Park:

It is located next, in the east of Karnali River at Yagilla in 968 sq km. stretched from the hills in the north to the plains of Terai in south, it is covered by a forest of Sal trees along with different kinds of plants and birds. This park is suitable for sightseeing of wildlife. Antler, deer, bear, many kinds of monkeys, elephant, rare crocodile and even the dolphin in Karnali River are found in this national park. Moreover, there are altogether 360 kinds of local and immigrated birds available over here.

She-Phoksundo National Park:

Being the largest National park of Nepal it covers the area of 3555 sq km comprising many Himalaya ranges of above 7000m including the Senamak Monastery, Phoksundo lake and gorges etc. different plants and animals like ibex, deer, leopard, coyote, monkey, blue bull, sheep etc. are the heritages of this national park.

Khaptad National Park:

This national park covers the 225 sq km area of Bajhang, Doti and Achhham districts. Different plants, bamboo, rhododendron and animals; bear, leopard, different kinds of bucks and many species of fowls are found in this national park. As a sacred pilgrimage, Khaptad Lake lies at the south east corner of the park.

Shivapuri National Park:

It is situated in the Kathmandu Nuwakot and Sindhupalchwok districts encompassing Shivapuri Water and Wildlife Reservations and covers an area of 144 km. the main aims of this park are a) to preserve the water origins related to Bagmati river and supply water to the Katmandu valley; and b) to assist to maintain environmental balance by preserving the plants and animals of different kinds.

Makalu Barun National Park:

It has covered the area of 2330 sq km and is divided into different sub-regions from the point of view of plants and animals found in this area. Below100m height of this park are the forests (fostered in hot climate) with Sal trees, form 3000m to 4000m are hilly forests , herbs and grass. Similarly from 4000m to 50000m it has mountainous forests. There are 47 kinds of orchids, 67 kinds of bamboos, 15 types of oak trees and 86 kinds of grass including more than 400 species of fowls. Among animals are musk, ibex, boar, leopard, monkey, bear etc. and about 84 kinds of fishes in the Arun River

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