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Butterfly Watching in Nepal

Nepal is the perfect place to follow your passion if you are a lepidopterist. Nepal boasts over 669 butterfly species, which is 3.72% of all butterfly species worldwide.

In Nepal, butterflies are found in every topography. The hills around the Kathmandu valley are good places to admire these beautiful creatures. Shivapuri National park is lodging to more than 100 species of butterflies. 20 % of the butterfly species found in Nepal are endangered.
Among the butterflies in Nepal, butterflies of Peacock, Teinopalpus, Diagora, Niceville, Indian Fertility, etc. are the most enchanting and beautiful species.

Annapurna Conservation Area is also an attractive destination for those who prefer butterfly watching. Pokhara’s Prithvi Narayan campus has a butterfly museum that has 586 species of butterflies.

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