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Bunjee Jump in Nepal

Imagine yourself on a shaky bridge without a railing over a seething river, a steep gorge in the middle of the impenetrable forest, and you, preparing to make a dizzying jump into the abyss. And then flying upside down for several endless seconds, in the hope of the mercy of the Almighty and the strength of the rope. Impressive?

By the way, you don’t have to worry about the strength of the rope, but you still have to sign a paper stating that you are volunteering for the jump. Only three hours drive from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, and this extreme fun is available to everyone.

Not far from the Tibetan border, there is one remarkable resort offering its guests a variety of outdoor activities: The Last Resort. One of the main characteristics of this resort is that there is a great opportunity to test yourself and make unforgettable jumps from a bridge over 160 meters high and Swing (flying over a canyon) in the resort is considered the highest in the World, and Bungee jumping is the second in the world – in height.

Jumps are made on a bridge three hours from Kathmandu on the Bhote Koshi River, which is located 12 km from the Nepal-Tibetan border. It is the third largest bungee jumping bridge in the world. The bridge has a fourfold margin of safety and is able to withstand 4.5 tons of load.

There are two other famous bungee jump destinations in Nepal: Pokhara and Kushma. The HighGround Adventure operates the bungee jump in Pokhara, featured with 70 meters vertical drop.

Located in the Parbat district of Nepal, Kushma is considered the second largest bungee jumping spot in the world, with an altitude of 228 meters. The jumping here is managed by The Cliff Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

High jumps are made all year round, subject to weather conditions. However, the best time to jump is from September to May. Summer in Nepal is a monsoon season, so the chance of good weather is reduced.

Information about Bunjee Jump in Nepal

Location Program Price in NPR for Nepali Price in NPR for SAARC and Chinese Citizens Price in USD for Foreigners
Bhote Koshi Bunjee 8000 to 10,000 9900 to 12,300 100 to 140
Bhote Koshi Bunjee and 1 Night stay 11,400 12,000 130
Pokhara Bunjee 4500 4500 75
Kushma Bunjee 7000 7000 70
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